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Small Business Tools Every Business Owner Needs

If you have been trying to figure out just which of the latest tools that have been introduced into the marketplace are worth your time in reviewing and implementing into your organization, you are not alone. So many businesspeople just like you are complaining about the incredible number of applications available and the amount of time it takes for them to sort through the options to find a great solution for their needs.

While it’s true that it is indeed time-consuming to research which applications can help you best and even more time-consuming to learn to use the ones you choose, go ahead and do it. It’s time and effort well-spent. You truly do need to learn more about the small business tools available to you. These tools and applications truly do make life easier and business tasks faster, and they streamline processes that you would find difficult to do alone, and on your own.

So which small business tools are worth your time and effort? You don’t want to spend time researching all of the options available, and instead just want to condensed version of what you need to know about the top options. Here is what you need to know:

1. MailChimp is just what you need if your marketing plan includes a regular newsletter of some type It is not at all true that mailing lists are a thing of the past. They may be old-fashioned but they are still a good and reliable way to reach your customers.

2. Freshbooks is a turnkey accounting solution that offers accounts payable and receivable options, the ability to create and send invoices, record activities on timesheets, and even track the time to see how much time you are spending on various activities. It’s a nifty application that the self-employed use to track their finances, as well as collect from clients.

3. GoTo Webinar is a “must” for those with off-site employees or those with customers who need hand-holding but are too far away to visit the office or store site physically.

These are just a few of the top small business tools available to you, and as you can see each of these offers you some valuable applications and features that can transform the way you do business, making important tasks easier, faster, and often more affordable, too. Take the time to explore these options, find out how they work, and watch them transform the way you run your business.


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