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The ABCs of Malaysian Labour Law: An Employment Act Course


Embarking on a journey through Malaysian Labour Law, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the malaysian labour law. From its historical context to practical applications, this course aims to equip participants with essential knowledge for navigating the intricacies of employment in Malaysia.

Module 1: Historical Roots and Evolution

Delve into the historical underpinnings of the Employment Act. Understand the socio-economic backdrop that led to its inception and its transformative impact on Malaysia’s workforce.

Module 2: Scope and Applicability

Learn about the key provisions defining the Act’s jurisdiction. Gain clarity on which employees fall under its purview and the implications for both employers and employees.

Module 3: Employment Contracts and Terms

Unravel the complexities of employment contracts. Explore the obligations and entitlements of both parties, including crucial aspects like working hours, rest days, and contract termination.

Module 4: Compensation and Benefits

Dive into the realm of wages, allowances, and benefits. Ensure a fair and equitable compensation structure for employees based on the Act’s provisions.

Module 5: Work Hours, Rest Intervals, and Overtime

Strike a balance between productivity and employee well-being. Learn about the regulations governing work hours, rest periods, and the intricacies of overtime pay.

Module 6: Termination and Redundancy

Navigate the sensitive terrain of termination and redundancy. Understand the grounds, procedures, and legal requirements, ensuring compliance with the Act.

Module 7: Leaves and Absences

Prioritize employee well-being through effective leave policies. Explore the Act’s provisions for maternity, sick, and other types of leave to provide necessary support to employees.

Module 8: Protection of Special Groups

Ensure the rights and well-being of children and young persons in the workforce. Discover the Act’s safeguards tailored to protect these vulnerable groups.

Module 9: Employers’ Rights and Obligations

Understand the rights and responsibilities of employers within the legal framework. Gain insights into how the Act balances the interests of both employers and employees.

Module 10: Compliance and Best Practices

Foster a fair and lawful work environment by adhering to the Employment Act. Learn about compliance requirements and best practices for responsible business conduct.

Module 11: Dispute Resolution and Remedies

Equip yourself with the tools for effective conflict resolution. Explore the available avenues for both employers and employees to seek remedies in case of disputes.


Upon completion of this course, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of the Employment Act of 1955. Armed with this knowledge, they will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of Malaysian labour law, fostering a legally sound and harmonious work environment.

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