The Best Vape Hardware for Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasing is a popular aspect of vaping where vapers aim to produce the largest, densest clouds of vapor possible. If you’re looking to join the ranks of cloud chasers, you’ll need a vape setup that’s up to the task. Here are some key components and devices that are popular among cloud chasers:

  1. High-Wattage Box Mods: For cloud chasing, you’ll need a device that can provide high power output. Box mods are the go-to devices for cloud chasers because they can deliver a lot of power. Look for mods that can output at least 100 watts, with many going up to 200 watts or more.
  2. Sub-Ohm Tanks: Sub-ohm tanks are designed to use low-resistance coils (below 1 ohm), which allows them to produce more vapor. These tanks are easy to use and maintain compared to rebuildable atomizers, making them a popular choice for many vaporesso pods.
  3. RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers): RDAs are known for their superior vapor production and flavor. They require more hands-on work since you’ll need to build and wick your own coils, but the customization options allow you to tailor your setup to produce massive clouds.
  4. Mesh Coils: Mesh coils have become popular among cloud chasers due to their ability to heat up quickly and evenly, resulting in larger vapor production. Many sub-ohm tanks and RDAs now support mesh coils.
  5. High VG E-Liquid: The ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) in your e-liquid can affect the size of your clouds. High VG e-liquids (typically 70% VG or higher) are thicker and produce larger clouds of vapor.
  6. Adequate Airflow: To produce large clouds, you’ll need adequate airflow. Make sure your tank or RDA has adjustable airflow, and experiment with the settings to find the right balance for optimal cloud production.

Popular devices for cloud chasing include the SMOK Alien 220W Mod, Vaporesso Luxe PM40, and GeekVape Aegis X. For tanks, consider the SMOK TFV16, Uwell Valyrian 2, and the Falcon King by HorizonTech. For RDAs, the Goon RDA, Wotofo Profile RDA, and the Drop RDA are all excellent choices.

Remember, while chasing clouds can be a lot of fun, it’s important to vape safely. Ensure your batteries are in good condition, don’t exceed the recommended wattage for your coils, and stay hydrated, as vaping can be dehydrating.

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