The Perfect Japanese Swords

Buying the perfect Japanese swords is not an easy thing to do, as there are many Japanese swords to choose from and many things to take into consideration. The first look at the many Japanese swords on the market will make a person dizzy. Which one is the best for me So many Japanese tachi sword attract the eye and so many seem appropriate for the wall at home…Of course the best one will also be the most expensive, but how do you know for sure what is the best choice

Getting to know the market involves reading a lot, documenting about how Japanese swords are made and comparing the merchandise in front of your eyes. This means a lot of information will have to be processed in a short while for your own good. Things can actually get easier if you are paying attention to some aspects like the steel of the Japanese swords, their forging, heat treatment and polish. The Japanese swords can be used for battling purposes or for decorating. Depending on the purpose you are looking to buy Japanese swords, these aspects are more or less important.

The ancient smiths made extraordinary blades for the Japanese swords. This is why the most important aspect when choosing the Japanese swords is their blade. The blades consisted in steel purified by the process of forging and folding. The Japanese swords had their blades beat and purified through a long process that gave them a very high quality. Nowadays technology has progressed to a level where pure steel is no longer obtained through such a difficult process. Swedish Powdered Steel is the new and available to work with pure steel. The Japanese swords (especially when used for battle) have to have a very strong and difficult to break blade. What gives them these properties is the even distribution of carbon in the steel, which doesn’t allow weak spots in the just forged blade.

The forging of Japanese swords makes them authentic, with unique blades made by skilled craftsmen. The forging degree is determined by the smith and by how much he folds and beats the blade of the Japanese swords. The structure gets stronger and the grain finer with every repeated folding. If they are not forged then they are modern Japanese swords that are not one of a kind. In this case they are not an individual expression. They make these kind of Japanese swords for selling purposes to the persons who don’t really care about their authenticity (for buyers that want to decorate their houses or offices).

The heat treatment of Japanese swords also gives them a higher quality making their grain structure finer. The authentic Japanese swords differentiate themselves through a sign left by the heat treatment it is called the Hamon. The changed molecular structure from the heat treatment is visible on the edge of the Japanese swords where the blades have a different color (Pearle). Of course modern manufacturers have thought of a way to give the Japanese swords this look without the heat treatment using a chemical treatment that doesn’t change the molecular structure.

The final touch for the blades was the polish, which used to be made by hand. It took several days or weeks just for one Japanese sword to have its blade polished. Such traditionally polished by hand Japanese swords would cost thousands of dollars nowadays. As the process is no longer practical it is currently done with the help of different polishing instruments. Some buyers look for a mirror-surfaced blade, but the true beauty of the Japanese swords is to be able to see the metal folding pattern and the Hamon on the edge. To buy such Japanese swords (that are fully polished and take a lot of time to finish) will probably cost a lot more than you would have expected. But invest only if you are serious in buying the authentic Japanese swords.

There are more things to admire and appreciate when buying Japanese swords the design and shape, the mountings, the weight balance. You should also be careful that the blades don’t have any cracks and that the sayas fit, the fittings don’t rattle or the wrappings aren’t tight enough.

You could be a simple buyer that doesn’t want anything special or you could be a collector or investor that wants only the best for himself (the authentic Japanese swords), but no matter what you want them for, the Japanese swords are treasured items worth buying and taking care of. Whichever Japanese swords you may choose or consider perfect for you, the spirit of the worrier will always be in their symbol and remind you of true virtues.


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